Ghonva Ghauri

Ghonva Ghauri is a desi daughter, visual artist, storyteller, psychological anthropologist, and aspiring healer. Her academic research has explored mental health and identity formation in South Asian American women, in dialogue with intergenerational issues, femininity, cultural norms, and silence. This research is often portrayed within her oil paintings through the power of figures and narrative portraits. The awkward and extraordinary body positions of everyday life continue to inspire her to create art. 

Though her earliest memories contain the practice of some sort of art form, it was through her scholarly artistic journey during the past six years that Ghonva was able to fully understand the influences her name’s roots had on her life choices. Her mother molded her name “Ghonva” from the divine Arabic root word Al-Ghaniyy, or The Self-Sufficient or The Rich One or The Free From Need, and it was due to her artwork that she fully grasped the derivation, belonging to the wealth of giving. Ghonva aspires to emulate this in how she conducts and displays her social activism and mental health research through the cross-cultural language of visual art.

B.A. in Studio Art, Social Innovations Scholar
University of Maryland, College Park

M.A. in Medical Anthropology
George Washington University

Past Exhibits/Presentations

2017, Arrivals
BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport, Art Gallery | Baltimore, Maryland
Diptych selected for exhibition

2017, Liver Painter @ The Art of Ramadan 
Artscape | Baltimore City, Maryland

2015 , Open Your Eyes for the Desi Girls
Self-Curated, Mental Health Awareness Art Gallery
University of Maryland | College Park, Maryland

2012, Café Void @ Everything Goes Exhibition
Hermin Meril Art Gallery | College Park, Maryland